American Int Motors

American Int motors sport has always had an element of an outlaw attitude to it, and that’s been exacerbated by certain administrations over the years. I think as a whole we are fairly left-field and there’s a bit of that. But we’ve always been a little bit independent and looked to prove a point.

We’re probably not in there to prove a point to anyone else – we do it to ourselves. So with this, we are taking a little step forward to make our own country brands, famous at the international level with

It’s more fun that way. You’re just going to have to accept that. The American owners – all they want is for us to be successful.

Bringing People Closer

To all The American Int motors owners

All they want is for us to be successful. I’m sure if they were a little bit more involved in the running of the series they’d like to see us go to their event. So, for sure, we’re looking forward to a change of scenery at some point in the near future.

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